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The UC Toolkit

Whether you already have experience with a UC audio device deployment or this is your first project, Plantronics can help.

We’ve taken first-hand customer experiences plus lessons learned and created the Plantronics UC Toolkit. Specifically designed for the IT professional, the UC Toolkit will help you conduct a smooth UC audio device deployment, which results in high user adoption.

The Plantronics UC Toolkit is a portfolio of IT best practices, recommendations and off-the-shelf tools aligned with five phases - Trial, Plan, Deploy, Adopt and Evolve – designed to let you leverage the most relevant information for your own UC environment and company goals.

Leesman Index

Leesman is Europe’s leader in measuring workplace effectiveness, their audit services provide deep insight into how well corporate environments support the productive work activities of the teams they accommodate. Their database is set to become Europe’s largest resource of consistent workplace effectiveness data.

The Leesman Index is the first unified and truly independent workplace effectiveness benchmarking tool. The Index e-survey captures employee’s sense of productivity and engagement with their work environments and provides businesses with critical insight into how their buildings are performing.

With an unparalleled suite of easily and inexpensively deployed high performance tools, they can provide a range of qualitative and quantitative audit services that provide executive boards, project managers, workplace designers, corporate real estate teams and change management consultants, clear line of sight to timely and accurate, benchmark performance data. is an industry leader in delivering highly interactive, e-learning training based upon leading global best practices in new ways of working. The course blend work practice with workplace providing a holistic and integrated approach.’s training and management tools provide employees and managers with the skills and confidence needed to ensure maximum performance and enjoyment in the virtual workplace. The web-based training not only incorporates advanced learning techniques, but it is also highly customizable so it can take on an organizations specific look and feel…all at a very reasonable price point. It makes change management and training compelling, consistent and globally scalable. The typical timeframe to deploy is about two weeks.

The product was originally co-developed with Microsoft in 2006 and since has been leveraged throughout organizations such as AT&T, Nissan, Lilly, Plantronics, Sony, Pearson Education, Partners Healthcare and Intuit and a host of other world-class organizations.


When the city is your office and the options are endless, finding the perfect café or coffee shop to serve as your mobile workspace can be overwhelming, especially if

you’re in a hurry.

WorkSnug, in association with Plantronics, has launched a groundbreaking application for the iPhone that guides mobile workers to the nearest and best places to connect to the Internet, all by simply holding up their iPhone. There’s no ‘clicking through’ required; WorkSnug uses Augmented Reality so that users can see Wi-Fi hotspots and potential workspaces in their vicinity on screen alongside their real-life surroundings.

Finding the perfect mobile office, that also happens to come with the best cappuccino, has never been easier as Worksnug is available in many cities around the world. For those using a BlackBerry or Nokia, you can download a similar app with all the same great places available and provides access to all cities via your browser.

Speech Impact

Verbal communication skills training generally focuses on professional call centre users or telephone sales teams. The projection of “brand personality” or “voice signature” through voice based presentation from the rest of the business is often not even considered.

Yet it doesn’t take a big investment to seize the opportunity. Competitive edge can easily be achieved by using straightforward measures to tune voices with: pace, pause, power and pitch.

Tone over content – the figures are remarkable. The research for face-to-face discussions shows that just 7% of a conversation’s importance is attributed to the message, 38% is tone of voice with body language at 55%*. Whereas in voice-only calls 13% is attributed to the message and 87%** accounts for tone of voice. The difference is clear – get these factors right and not only does productivity increase, but customer engagement and loyalty increases as well.

Speech Impact is an academy from Plantronics designed to maximise and dramatically improve a company’s business performance by harnessing the power of the voice over the phone. The aim is to engage, train and motivate all levels of management and staff with a high value education programme to improve communication results. It features proven audio techniques and methodologies from Tony Crawford, Europe’s leading communication and presentation expert.

* Face To Face: Mehrabian, A. (1971). Silent messages. Wadsworth, Belmont, California.

** Telephone: Mehrabian, Albert & Morton Wiener (1967): Decoding of inconsistent communications.

UC Toolkit
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