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You’re a visionary. You want to enhance your organisation and take it forward. You see an environment that provides a more flexible approach and a greater work/life balance for your employees. Plantronics will help you realise this.

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Working smarter is the answer

Forward thinking

Can you imagine an opportunity that not only enables you to help your employees become happier, healthier and more productive, but also ensures your business attracts and retains the best talent? A situation in which workers can engage, interact and communicate where and when ever they feel most comfortable, and subsequently enjoy a greater work/life balance. Imagine if this was more cost effective and environmentally respectful, too.

Boost your performance

This is what we call a smarter working vision and it is made possible by Plantronics headset Technology. Our personal audio solutions help organisations become more flexible. Businesses no longer need to rely on the fixed office 9-5 and instead results can be measured by actual performance rather than mere presence, with employees working in multiple workspaces and collaborating virtually with ease. This is thanks to reliable, consistent and easy-to-use technology that not only promises excellent acoustics regardless of location, but unifies communication methods. Welcome to the world of virtual – and with Plantronics expertise – successful collaboration.

See smarter working in action

Technology has enabled employees to work anywhere, anytime. Smarter working has huge benefits for your organisation:

  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Improve employee health and wellbeing
  • Safeguard business continuity
  • Reduce attrition
  • Increased productivity
  • Significant real estate cost savings
  • Develop a more agile and responsive business

It's good to talk


The facts speak for themselves

With the wide adoption of smarter working, it’s important to provide the training and the tools to help employees work smarter. For example, research shows that for face-to-face discussions:

  • 7% of a conversation’s importance is attributed to the message
  • 38% of a conversation’s importance is attributed to the voice
  • 55% of a conversation’s importance is attributed to the body language

Whereas in voice-only calls:

  • 13% of a conversation’s importance is attributed to the message
  • 87% of a conversation’s importance is attributed to the voice

The difference is clear. Get these factors right to improve productivity, increase adoption and enhance employee wellbeing.

InstantMeeting: work smarter

Dial in, push one button and join the conversation.

Job done. Communication made easier than ever before, wherever you are.

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The importance of trust

Trust is the key to smarter working. By Senior Management example along with providing the right training and tools, you'll empower and motivate your workforce to enforce the smarter working vision moving forward. It will provide long-term benefits such as increased productivity and reduced staff attrition, and will ultimately further business success.

Look good, sound great

Plantronics headsets are TCO Certified, which means they've been independently tested for superior sound quality and durability.

They're also ergonomically designed to provide:

  • Acoustic safety protection
  • Better hygiene (replaceable parts)
  • Comfort and durability
  • Great sound quality
  • Longer life

Flexibility: the right approach

Today’s technology enables your employees to work whenever, wherever, and however they like. This attracts and retains top talent and boosts employee satisfaction. With the right support, you can have confidence in your employees and trust them to work productively.


Does flexible working really work?

The proof is in the pudding...

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Measure your effectiveness

Leesman is Europe's leader in measuring workplace effectiveness. Its audits provide a deep understanding of how well corporate environments support team activity. Services include:

  • Index e-Survey (benchmarking tool)
  • Qualitative audit services
  • Quantitative audit services
  • Benchmark performance data

Find out how you measure up...

Visit the Leesman Index Website

Get interactive is the industry leader when it comes to delivering interactive e-learning training based on leading global best practices in new ways of working.’s web-based training incorporates advanced learning techniques, can be easily tailored and makes change management and training compelling, consistent and globally scalable. The typical timeframe to deploy is about two weeks.

The product was originally co-developed with Microsoft in 2006 and has since been used by organisations such as AT&T, Nissan, Lilly, Sony, Pearson Education, Partners Healthcare and Intuit and a host of other world-class organisations.


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‘Highly Commended’ for ‘Outstanding Employee Engagement Strategy’

HR Magazine (2013)

‘Hot 100 companies’

Employee Benefits Magazine (2013)

CCA ‘Best Place to Work’

Accreditation (2012)

‘Impact on Organisation and Workplace’

BFIM (2012)

CCA Global Standard Certification


‘Mark of Excellence’ – 21st Century Employer


‘Employer Branding’

award nominee Personnel Today (2013)

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