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Great Service at All Times

A mobile professional need to be able to deliver the same level of service and high quality of work at all times. That means heavy phone usage, with lots of outbound calling. It also involves reliable access to the internet, e-mail and all the resources and applications that are available back at the office. When mobile working you could be anywhere, at home, in the car or elsewhere, such as a café, hotel, station, airport or customer site.

Smarter Presence

Simply Smarter Communications

Mobile professionals therefore need lightweight, easy-to-use tools that offer top quality phone and networking capabilities with all-day talk time. These have to offer clear call quality, even when there is background noise, and also simplify call management over multiple devices. You may need to keep finding Wi-Fi hotspots and different places to work, depending on your task and when you are settled, your online status or ‘Presence’ needs to let others know your availability.

Comfort and Style

Plantronics K100 On the road with the Plantronics K100.

Because you're on the road so much, and frequently holding a phone in your ear, you may worry about back pain and the health risks of mobile use. Having both hands free while on calls feels more natural and comfortable. It also makes it easier to multi-task and answer calls while carrying a bag

Enabling Technologies

A mobile professional relies on a number of technologies to support a day mobile working. Typical devices include smartphones and laptops, usually running Microsoft Windows 7 with MS Office, and you are increasingly making audio AND video calls through your PC. By adopting a stylish and lightweight Plantronics Voyager Pro UC headset, you can unify call management from phone and PC simultaneously, providing enhanced audio clarity with wideband and noise cancellation, whilst also improving posture and productivity. If you spend a lot of time in the car, then Stay in control whilst driving with the new Plantronics K100 – more than an in-car speakerphone – you can use the stereo Bluetooth connection to broadcast calls, GPS navigation and music from your smartphone or link to your car speakers with the FM transmitter. If you need to dial into important meetings using audio conferencing, try our Instant Meeting application, available on smartphones and PC platforms; if you are on the road and need to pick up important emails, don’t wait until you get out of the car, simply use Vocalyst as your personal voice assistant. And when you are in those ‘elsewhere’ locations, try WorkSnug to help locate the best Wi-Fi and power provision to help you communicate effectively.

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