Office-based Worker

The Simply Smarter Office

Office workers spend much of their day collaborating with customers and colleagues on the phone. You’re very busy and can’t afford to waste time repeating information, or asking callers to do so, even though your desk is located in a fairly noisy, open-plan office.

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Rising Above Workplace Noise

You have to get the information you need from telephone conversations as quickly as possible, and sometimes have to be highly persuasive during calls. And office workers often have to move around the office to speak with colleagues or attend meetings, and always have to be contactable. Clear communications are vital, helping you rise above the background noise anywhere in the office.

Simply Smarter Communications

Office workers need lightweight, easy-to-use tools that deliver the best possible audio quality with all-day talk time. These have to offer exceptional call quality and, ideally, give you the ability to roam away from your desk when working in an office. You need simple technologies that make life easier and require minimal support from the internal helpdesk.

Comfort and Training

Because they are in near constant use, any devices must be lightweight and comfortable to use when working in an office. You appreciate hands-free technologies, as they make it easier to type while on the phone and really help you benefit from the availability of desktop multimedia and training.

Enabling Technologies

There are numerous technologies to help office workers keep up with clients. Typical devices include a fully featured desk phone with desktop computer or laptop, running enterprise resource planning (ERP) or next generation voice software, and many of you will also have a personal mobile phone. Adopting a Savi 700, or CS500 headset would provide you with the freedom to roam and the exceptional call clarity you need. The Savi 700 has the advantage of connecting to multiple devices for maximum flexibility.

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