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Work Life Balance

All work and no play?

It's important to find a rewarding work/life balance. Plantronics world-class audio tools and solutions facilitate greater freedom and flexibility for a smarter, happier way of working.

Resources & Tools

A day in your life

Business is becoming increasingly global. Meanwhile, the pace of work and the growing number of tasks and communication channels finds employees available anytime, anywhere. Flexible working allows employees to meet these growing demands while enjoying a healthy and happy life away from work improving employee job satisfaction and retention.

Get yourself connected

More and more, businesses are operating on a global level which means employees need to be available around the clock to meet the needs of different time zones. Moreover, evolving technologies are making it easier than ever to collaborate. As a result, the fixed office nine-to-five is making way for a more flexible 16-hour day where workers are using other work spaces and hubs as required. Whether employees are in the car, on the train, in a cafe, gym or working at home, Plantronics ensures they can connect and communicate effortlessly regardless of device, location and time.

Which came first?

Does technology change our lives, or is it the other way round?

Either way, the world’s evolving. Everything is more fluid: the places we work and the hours we do are becoming more flexible. These changes benefit employees through a better work/life balance, while managers can focus on measuring things that matter, like effectiveness and results.

Is technology responsible for these social changes, or are we all simply employing the art of the possible? It’s probably both. But organisations and individuals taking full advantage will be one step ahead. Make sure you’re among them

The world is my workplace

In all kinds of industries, people are embracing flexible and remote ways to work – to help balance their employment commitments with family and social commitments.

In a Plantronics survey of enterprise employees, 44% of people said they spend a quarter or more of their time working off-site.*

If we’re living on the move, balancing work and home as we go, where are we working when we’re not at base?

  • In ‘elsewhere’ spaces: non-managed areas where we have no control over sound levels, such as cafés, stations; hotel lobbies, business centres and airport terminals.
  • In new-style office spaces: designated ‘quiet rooms;’ collaboration areas such as office lounges and staff cafeterias
  • In home spaces: home offices and hotel rooms

Succeed anywhere, any time

In forward thinking companies, employees are no longer expected to remain in a static location for the majority of their working day. Some are turned off by rigid working practices, preferring policies that enable them to utilise advancing technologies and different workspaces to work 'smarter' and enjoy a better work/life balance. They're finding their own solutions for communicating anytime, anyplace anywhere and are happier, healthier and more productive. Traffic, bad weather and other common hindrances are no longer a barrier for productivity.

Meanwhile, 'smarter' organisations are benefitting from this increasingly autonomous way of working, with greater creativity, resourcefulness and interaction. They're able to recruit and retain the best staff and ultimately, succeed.

We are moving away from working in fixed locations towards a more virtual presence and remote future

People will be more productive, and more cost-effective – and a new armoury of communication and collaboration tools will make it possible, taking creativity and shared expertise to new levels.

Headsets are at the heart of these new opportunities. Connecting across multiple devices and helping to manage varied work environments, it will bring consistency and quality to a user’s ‘voice presence.’ It makes smart working real.

* Source: ‘How we work: Communication trends of business professionals.’ Plantronics, 2010

A day in the life

Watch this video to see how best to work on the move. You’ll be more productive – and you’ll achieve a better work-life balance.

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Smarter headsets bring balance

Smart headsets are designed to help you juggle your life with ease.

If you want to use your smartphone apps for email and messaging or your PC for multimedia while holding a conversation, Smart headsets can do that.

They work across multiple phones, tablets and PCs. They even have an iPhone battery meter, so you can check your headset’s charge on-screen – and they’re great for your downtime multimedia apps, too.

There’s a wide range to suit all tastes and requirements. Some models are wireless. Some have discrete microphone booms. And all of them are lightweight, comfortable and easy to use.

Proof in the pudding

Improve your work-life balance with a free trial from Plantronics.

Our trial kit contains:

  • A free InstantMeeting app – for iPhone, Android or Windows: a single click to join a call, no more fuss with access codes and passwords. And if the call drops off it automatically re-joins. What could be simpler
  • Try the brand new Plantronics Voyager Legend UC Bluetooth headset or test-drive the Calisto 620 wireless mini speaker phone, which easily connects to a Bluetooth smartphone, tablet or laptop

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