Work Topology

Allowing information workers to work where & when they are most productive, cost-effective, and environmentally respectful.

This new work dynamic is not just an idealistic vision, light years away from their current realities of workplaces. It is seeping into all of us – a natural evolution that we are seeing throughout the workplace:

The New Workspaces

More Apart

As more and more of you are finding your own personal portfolio of workspaces, the workforce will become increasingly dispersed and you will have to learn to communicate without the power of face-to-face interaction and body language.

Yet, the need for you to stay connected, through dispersed collaboration, has never been greater.

The impact of the spoken word becomes exponentially more important.

Discover the Power of Voice and the Importance of Good Acoustic Intelligence

Learn how can help prepare you and your team for effective working in the new workspaces

Learn how the Leesman Index can help you assess the effectiveness of your corporate workspace

Simply Smarter Communication Devices
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