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Plantronics currently ships direct to consumer only to the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Spain, and Australia.


Engineered for e-sports.

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Gaming Headsets

Gaming headsets add life to games on PCs, consoles, handhelds and smartphones.

Xbox headsets

    • RIG 600LX
    • RIG 600LX
    • High-fidelity gaming headset and LX1 amp for Xbox One
    • RIG 400LX
    • RIG 400LX
    • Stereo gaming headset and LX1 amp for Xbox One
    • RIG Flex LX
    • RIG Flex LX
    • Xbox One Stereo Gaming Headset and Advanced Audio Adapter
    • GameCom 318LX
    • GameCom 318LX
    • Xbox One stereo gaming headset and advanced audio adapter
    • RIG 100HX
    • RIG 100HX
    • Open ear, full range chat headset for Xbox One consoles

PlayStation headsets

PC headsets

Gaming accessories

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