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Requirements regarding Plantronics Packaging

All printed material and packaging components including dyes, inks, pigments, adhesives, stabilizers, and additives must neither be manufactured using toxic or regulated heavy metals nor have them incidentally present. All printed collateral and packaging components, regardless of manufacturing location or country of origin, must be in compliance with the Reduction of Toxics Packaging Legislation in the United States, Packaging Directive 94/64/EC as amended by 2004/12/EC - Packaging and Packaging Waste. This policy applies to both soluble and insoluble forms of the four heavy metals, and no distinction will be made between them.

Plantronics Products

Plantronics strives to develop, manufacture, and market products that are safe for their intended use and protect the environment. Additionally, we seek to minimize waste, prevent air, water, and other pollution and minimize health and safety risks. Our products can be reused, recycled, or disposed of safely and responsibly.

Plantronics Commitment to Meet Specific Element Safety Control*
ElementPLT Overall RoHS type content level
Lead (Pb)1000 PPM
300 PPM in pvc cables
Mercury (Hg)1000 PPM
Cadmium (Cd)75 PPM
Chromium IV (Cr IV)1000 PPM
PBB Flame Retardant1000 PPM
PBDE Flame Retardant1000 PPM
Ozone Depleting ChemicalsODC Free
PVC PlasticsPVC Free

Note: These are commitment levels. Timing and plans to achieve them are documented separately and as needed by part/product/process.

Reference: Plantronics Environmental Guidelines Document 61918