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Plantronics Manager Pro Open Data Access – API Release Notes

Article ID : 000023577
For Plantronics, Manager/ Manager Pro release notes click here

December 12, 2017: Open Data Access API 3.10.2 Maintenance Release
What’s New
  • Provide a means to allow authorized applications to appear on the application page of Plantronics Manager Pro. Tenant admins can then choose to authorize these applications.
Resolved Issues
  • When an application is authorized it is still shown as pending in the authorization list until the page is refreshed.

September 25, 2017: Plantronics Manager and Plantronics Manager Pro 3.10.1 Maintenance Release
What's New
  • Asset Analysis API: Added the ability to query hosts with zero devices (Device Distribution)
Resolved Issues
Plantronics Developer Connection (API Open Data Access)
  • Passing an empty value for muteusageLevel throw a 400 error.
  •  Attempting to access API’s from an unsubscribed suite provides response of “Ok” rather than Suite Not Subscribed
  • Detected date for “Other Manufacturers” devices is not available in API.
  • Updated the Conversation Analysis API to not limit page count to 10 and to sort by date, most recent first
Known Issues
  • PDC | API: Call Summary API showing zero for all percentages

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