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Spokes™ Software for Windows®

Today Plantronics software delivers enhanced operability and audio to further enhance products across our portfolio. Spokes enables the integrated call control features for Plantronics audio devices including call answer/end and synchronized mute with your softphone.

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For Windows Desktop

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Plantronics Plugin for Cisco Jabber

Download the new Plantronics Plugin for Cisco Jabber 9.2.4 and get remote call answer/end and mute synchronization with supported Plantronics devices.

You may also install Plantronics Spokes for Windows v2.8 temporarily for additional functionality such as easy device customization. If you wish to install both the Plantronics Plugin for Jabber and Plantronics Spokes for Windows, please refer to the Install Notes (provided below) for relevant information and known limitations.

For Windows Desktop


Plantronics Smart Presence Application for Lync 2013

Smart Presence for Microsoft Lync 2013 is an application from Plantronics that provides enhanced presence capabilities for Microsoft Lync 2013 when used with Plantronics Spokes for Windows software and Plantronics headsets. Features include changing Lync 2013 presence status to IN A CALL when you are on a mobile, desk phone or another softphone call using a supported Plantronics headset. Earlier versions of Microsoft Lync and Office Communicator do not require this application software.

For Windows Desktop

More About Plantronics Software

Download the latest release of Plantronics software now and automatically get remote call answer/end with the softphones listed below. Included in the download is the newly designed Plantronics Control Panel for easy device customization. Adjust your mute tone, change your ring settings, or manage your Media Player settings all from the intuitive Control Panel.

  • Avaya Aura Agent Desktop softphone
  • Avaya IP Softphone V6.0 SP9 and V5.2 SP5
  • Avaya IP Agent V7.0 SP8 and V6.0 SP18
  • Avaya one-X Communicator V6.1 SP7 and V5.2 SP5
  • Avaya one-X Agent V2.5 SP1
  • Cisco IP Communicator
    V8.6.3.0 and V7.0.6.0, configuration tips
  • Cisco UC Integration for
    Microsoft Office Communicator (CUCIMOC) V8.0 (3)
  • Cisco UC Integration for
    Microsoft Lync (CUCILync) V8.6 (2)
  • Cisco Unified Personal Communicator (CUPC) V8.6(3) and V8.0(3)
  • Cisco WebEx Connect V7.2.2
  • Cisco Jabber v 9.2.2 download plugin
  • Microsoft Office Communicator R2 3.5
  • Microsoft Lync 2013 and 4.0
  • NEC Univerge SP350 V5.2 and V4.1
  • Shoretel Call Manager V10.2
  • Shoretel Communicator V13.1
  • Skype V6.1

Additional softphones which provide remote call control with some Plantronics devices as plug-and-play and do not require Spokes software:

  • Aastra 2380ip(3.0.8)**
  • Aastra 400(1.0)**
  • Alcatel-Lucent Softphone 4980 ( and higher)**
  • Alcatel-Lucent Pimphony (6.3 and higher)**
  • Alcatel-Lucent My Instant Communicator (6.5 and higher)**
  • Alcatel-Lucent IP Desktop ( and higher)**
  • Cisco IP Communicator V8.6(1) and V7.0.6.0, * configuration tips
  • CounterPath Bria (3.2 and up)**
  • CounterPath X-lite 4.0**
  • Siemens OpenScape Personal Edition v4.0**
  • Telepo BCS**
  • Microsoft Office Communicator, Microsoft Lync (With Microsoft optimized products)

*Cisco IP Communicator can provide remote call control with or without Spokes software

**Plug-and-play with Plantronics devices fulfilled by the respective softphone vendor. Plantronics Spokes for Windows cannot co-exist with Counterpath Bria versions 3.5 and higher and must therefore be uninstalled.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista (32-bit/64-bit), Win7 (32-bit/64-bit)

Some softphones may not fully utilize all the features and functionality available in Plantronics devices

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