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M70/M90: How to change the language.

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1. Start the headset in pairing mode by pressing and holding the call control button until the indicator light starts flashing red and blue.
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2. As soon as you hear a voice prompt press any of the buttons on the headset. Note: The message might be in another language but still press a button to continue.
3. After pressing any of the buttons on the headset, you will hear another voice prompt, this time mentioning the languages:
  • For English, press any button now.
  • Para Español, presione cualquier botón ahora.
  • Pour Français, appuyez sur n’importe quelle touche maintenant.
4. Once you hear the desired language select it by pressing any of the buttons on the headset, then you will hear another message this time in the chosen language: If this is correct please press any button now.
5. Tap any of the buttons on the headset and the language will be changed now.

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