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TCO Approved

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Plantronics has adopted the new TCO '07 headset standard across its range of headsets worldwide, starting with key models from each of its Business, Consumer, PC and mobile families.

All the products listed below are tested and approved to the TCO '07 headset standard and over the course of time it is intended that ALL of the products across the extensive family of Plantronics headsets will have achieved the approved status.

The Benefits Of TCO Approval For Headsets

The TCO’07 Headsets label means that your headset is designed and manufactured according to some of the strictest performance and environmental criteria in the world, and independantly verifies the Plantronics credentials for usability, high performance and reduced impact on the natural environment.

Headsets certified under TCO’07 meet TCO Development’s requirements on ergonomics, ecology and energy. Cordless headsets also meet the requirements on emissions. You can find more information and details on the new standard here. http://www.tcodevelopment.com

This independent endorsement from a well respected and recognised international body serves to underline the high quality standards with which Plantronics has been manufacturing products for many years. This will help customers make better informed choices about their headset selection.