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Plantronics Enterprise Manager (PEM)

Plantronics Enterprise Manager is a two-in-one software solution for IT. This tool provides IT with the ability to edit the Spokes installation file to create a customized package. Via a checkbox interface, IT can very simply select the components that make sense for their environment. In addition, this tool allows IT to manage the settings and behavior of supported Plantronics devices. These settings can also be password protected to prevent unwanted modifications. Supported devices: D100, Savi Office, Savi W7xx, Calisto 240 and Voyager Pro UC.

Administrative guide

Bluetooth Configuration Tool for Savi W7xx

The Bluetooth Disable Tool provides IT with the ability to disable the bluetooth radio on the Savi W7xx device. This MSI file contains an executable that can be run with an enable or disable parameter.

User guide

Archivo de instalación Spokes - Multilingüe

Para instalar Spokes para Windows sin personalización, use este archivo msi de Spokes. El msi no incluye .net framework; asume que framework ya está instalado en el sistema.

Notas de instalación

Archivo de instalación Spokes - Solamente inglés

Este archivo instalará solamente el idioma en inglés para ayudar con las implementaciones de la política del grupo. Para obtener archivos de instalación adicionales de un solo idioma, comuníquese con el servicio de asistencia de Plantronics.

Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 sp1

This version of the .net framework is a prerequisite for Spokes for Windows. Deploy prior to installing Spokes for Windows.

Calisto Serial Driver

The following Plantronics Serial Port installs a Microsoft signed .inf file that associates the Plantronics serial port with the Microsoft supplied serial port drivers shipped with Windows. The serial port is only utilized by Calisto 240 during firmware upgrades.

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