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ML18 / ML20

ML18 ML20

Connect a 2nd phone:


Activate multipoint by pressing the Call button on the headset and sliding the on/off switch to the on position. Release the Call button when the LED flashes red/blue.


Activate the Bluetooth feature on your phone, then use the phone's settings to add/search/discover new Bluetooth devices.

  • iPhone: Settings > General > Bluetooth > On (starts the search for devices).
  • Androidâ„¢ smartphones: Settings > Wireless & Networks > Bluetooth: On > Scan for devices.


Select 'PLT_ML18' or 'PLT_ML20' from the list of Bluetooth devices shown on your phone. If phone asks for a passcode, enter four zeros (0000). Some phones also ask to confirm headset connection after pairing.

Headset LED will stop flashing red/blue once successfully paired/connected.

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