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Plantronics currently ships direct to consumer only to the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Spain, and Australia.

Plantronics SoundGuard® Technology

Protecting your senses

Whether you are using a headset in the office or on the road, hearing protection should be a guarantee, not a luxury. For over 50 years, Plantronics has been dedicated to creating headsets that provide customers with a safe audio experience, without sacrificing quality.

Read how Plantronics has set the standard for the industry

Plantronics promises to deliver our customers products that will protect them from long-term daily noise exposure and identify and remove acoustic startle events that are either uncomfortable, or can potentially become stress-inducing. To ensure a superior—and safe—audio experience, Plantronics headsets come equipped with a fail-safe acoustic protection technology, called SoundGuard.


SoundGuard is the acoustic-limiting technology that is present in all communications headsets from Plantronics and that protects against sounds above 118 dBA.

SoundGuard Plus

SoundGuard Plus is an analogue compression technology that actively reduces uncomfortable noises and maintains sound at a comfortable to level.

SoundGuard Digital

SoundGuard Digital has all the benefits of SoundGuard, plus anti-startle protection which detects and eliminates sudden increases in sound, and measures and controls sound to prevent the average daily sound exposure from exceeding 80 dBA or 85 dBA time-weighted average (TWA).

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