Discontinued GameCom Commander Gaming Headset

Experience unmatched voice technology, 7.1 surround sound audio, and noise isolation that blocks-out distractions.

Product is discontinued

Command Victory

When the stakes are high and milliseconds matter, the competitive gamer needs tools that let them focus on what matters. When playing at the highest possible level, even the smallest distraction can mean the difference between glory and failure. And in those decisive moments, where one wrong move can spell disaster, you need the focus that lets you command victory.

PROD1GYX on Commander

Plantronics GameCom Commander

Limited Edition Tournament Gaming Headset
  • Tournament-ready noise isolation, game audio, and voice communication
  • HD stereo sound with extended frequency response from 40mm drivers
  • Noise-canceling, closed-ear design and ruggedized mic
  • Durable, lightweight components for maximum comfort and long-term use
  • Laser-etched, limited edition serial number
  • QuickDisconnect adapters for switching between PC, smartphone and tablet
  • USB sound card for 7.1 surround sound
  • Customizable headband identity patch
  • Travel case for storage and display
  • Inline volume and mute controls
  • 3.5mm plugs for analog compatibility

Commanding Headset. Commanding Results.

Victory is yours with the tournament-ready Plantronics GameCom Commander PC headset. With its closed-ear design and unmatched noise isolation, audio, and voice technology, the GameCom Commander shuts out distractions while immersing you in 7.1 Dolby® stereo surround sound. The noise-canceling, ruggedized microphone guarantees that your team hears every mission-critical word. Super-durable, lightweight components keep you comfortable for the long-haul. In the thick of battle, armed with the GameCom Commander headset, nothing gets in the gamer’s head except a clear picture of the victory at hand.

GameCom Commander Headband
GameCom Commander System Case

Includes headset, travel case, USB sound card, QuickDisconnect adapters, and headband identity patch. Part Number: 88227-01

Limited Edition Components

The GameCom Commander headset is one of the most important weapons in the gamer’s arsenal, engineered in the long-standing tradition of our headsets for astronauts, pilots, military, emergency workers, and others on the frontline. Keep your headset safe with a sturdy travel case for storage or display. QuickDisconnect adapters let you switch for use with smartphones and tablets without missing a beat. Custom features like a laser-etched, limited edition serial number and customizable headband identity patch make the GameCom Commander uniquely yours.