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Acoustic Intelligence- Protecting your Workforce

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Recent legislation has increased the level of protection required for overall sound exposure throughout the working day. But it isn’t just about legislation, which is why responsible companies go further. Plantronics headsets meet those requirements, but they also cut out sudden loud sounds not covered by law – sounds such as bursts of white noise or feedback howls.

If you want to check the acoustic protection qualities of your contact-centre headsets, the TCO Edge certification provides an objective assessment. Plantronics’ own Noise Exposure Testing Service is another option: it measures and calculates average acoustics and sound levels for a contact centre’s agents.

Mobility is another aspect of health and well-being, and wireless headsets can liberate your team members, enabling them to stand, stretch, move around and take regular breaks from their screens to reduce eye strain.

At Plantronics, we’re looking ahead. Future technology will build further intelligence into headsets – for instance, measuring voice stress levels, heart rate or blood pressure to indicate if a break is needed.

It’s all part of making a contact centre a happy, healthy and productive place to work.

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