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Acoustic Intelligence - Clearer Conversations

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Many people think that, because telecoms technology has improved so much over recent years, the voice quality of calls has also improved. What’s more, people often think calls with high bass frequencies are richer and therefore better, somehow.

Both of these assumptions are misleading. These days there are not just fixed-line calls, but all manner of mobile and web-based voice communications, and quality can be variable. In particular, higher frequencies in signals can be lost. Bass frequencies may sound rich, but it’s the higher levels that make it easier for listeners to hear what’s being said.

The best headsets address these problems head-on. At Plantronics, we boost the reduced high-frequency signals to produce a clearer call, so even if the caller is standing somewhere with a lot of background noise, the sound quality will be unbeatable.

The result? Clearer calls mean fewer misunderstandings and repetitions for your agents, less fatigue in your contact centre, and better overall customer service.

Plantronics. It’s technology that lets you simply communicate.

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