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The growth of popular social-media forums such as Facebook and Twitter has given people a platform to talk about organisations, and not to them. Companies have to use these platforms not just to react to complaints, but as a marketing tool to create fans of their brands. They need to improve customer service across all channels, using social media as a listening tool for feedback.

This multi-channel approach requires collaboration between people and departments, and unified communication is the way to achieve it.

At its centre is presence. Customers need a tangible online indicator that shows whether someone is available to communicate. The faster customers can get in touch with you, the faster you’ll be able to resolve their queries, and the better the service you’ll provide.

Unified communications help not just customers, but contact centres too. You can instantly see who can be contacted, and what the best contact method is. You can also speed up collaboration – no more voicemail tag, unanswered emails, customers on hold for long periods, or cold transfers.

With this improved collaboration, you can provide faster answers to customers, creating a climate for positive social-media feedback.

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