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Improve service quality wireless headsets

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As the role of the contact centre changes from managing routine transactions, to managing exceptions, we will increasingly see more than one person needed to resolve customer issues. Collaboration tools will be increasingly used within the contact centre to bring supervisors and subject matter experts onto a call to achieve first call resolution targets.

Many collaboration tools are complex, organisation wide and come with large timescales and costs – so is there a collaboration tool that can bring people together quickly and easily, and be implemented in a timely manner?

Yes, and the answer is right on the desk in front of you – the Plantronics DECT wireless headset. All of the recently introduced models (CS500 series, Savi W400 series and Savi W700 series) include a feature that allows more than one headset to be paired to the base and be used on a call. When the agent is on a call and realises they need help, a supervisor or expert can simply place their headset into the charger and be automatically joined to the call. Up to three additional headsets can be added into the call.

If the headsets are different models (agent using CS510 and supervisor using CS540 for example), no problem, when on a call simply press the subscription button on the base, and the volume up button on the headset to add the additional headset into the call.

To enhance the security of this feature, in each case the agent must confirm that they want additional headsets to join by pressing the main call control button on their headset when they hear a tone in the headset.

To remove a headset form the call, simply press the end call button on a headset that has been added, or place the main headset into the charger.

So by using wireless headsets within you contact centre, not only do you gain all the benefits of mobility for your front line staff, you also give them a simple and easy to use collaboration tool that can help drive an improvement in your key customer satisfaction measures.

Why not take advantage of our offer to try wireless for yourself today?

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