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Noise Cancelling

Contact Centre Together Home / Improve Performance

The environment for contact centres is changing. New technologies mean agent stations can be organised in a more open-plan but compact way, saving space and bringing them closer together. Technology has also enabled organisations to allow agents to work from home, and this, too, saves on overheads.

The potential problem with both these developments is background noise – from nearby colleagues when agents are working in open-plan buildings, and from family life when they’re working at home. The problem is worse when the room has poor acoustic qualities – and not all offices or homes are ideal environments for contact-centre calling.

Background noises can make it particularly difficult for the person at the other end of the call to distinguish what’s being said – and that’s why technology has come to the rescue once more, with noise cancelling in headsets.

Noise cancelling reduces or removes the environmental background noise from being heard by the person at the far end. The headset wearer won’t notice any difference, but the caller will be able to hear what he or she is saying much more clearly, leading to fewer mistakes and repetitions on the call, and in turn to improved customer service and shorter calls.

The EncorePro™ headset from Plantronics is a great example, achieving market-leading noise cancellation via a superior microphone design and an extendable boom. It’s easy to set up and use, and if you position the microphone correctly (which is also easy – watch our short training video here) it’s great for your callers, too.

Watch our short video to make sure you are being heard

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