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Save Money with Wireless

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There are many emotional reasons for purchasing a wireless headset – it’s simply a nice product to use, and the lack of a cable implies a level of trust and freedom for the person wearing it. There are also solid rational reasons for using wireless – they can significantly contribute to efficiency improvements and cost savings for an organisation.

Let’s look at the scenarios where wireless can help you save money.

Product Support environments

Traditionally, support environments are two distinct areas – an area for staff desks with their phones on, and a separate ‘lab’ area where products are held. The lab area is used by the staff to mimic customer configurations and understand their issues. In this environment, customers have to be put on hold, or called back while the employee goes into the lab area to set up and then work out the problem. This may involve a number of calls to the customer – not good for FCR targets or costs of calls.

With a wireless headset, the employee can keep talking to the customer whilst in the lab resolving the issue. This can also enable the employee to answer the next call while on their way back to their desk. This can contribute a 13% improvement in number of calls due to getting to the lab, and being able to answer the next call quicker. This also gives a small improvement in costs by reducing the number of outbound calls.


Increasingly, as contact centres move to managing exceptions rather than routines, more than one person will be required to resolve a customer’s issue. This means employees will increasingly need to collaborate with peers, supervisors and experts to get information.

A wireless headset can help them reach other people whilst keeping the customer on a call. They can find the answer quicker, resolve multi-level queries and solve the customers’ problem on their first call. By not putting the customer on hold for these types of calls, a contact centre can achieve a 7% reduction in call time.

Trade in your old headsets, and move up to Plantronics wireless headsets.

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