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Voice of the Customer

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With the rise in social media, your organisation’s entire interactions with customers can be placed in the public domain.

In practice, of course, it’s not that prevalent. Typically, social-media interactions with customer service groups in organisations have made up less than 5% of people’s overall interactions. But that doesn’t alter the fact that one poor instance of customer service, where people are talking about you, rather than to you, can have the power to influence many others, with far-reaching consequences.

These conversations can take place on open platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, or they could take place in any of the Internet’s many discussion boards that are completely unrelated to what you do as an organisation.

It’s an issue that can’t be ignored. It’s time for organisations to deliver better customer service across all channels and ensure as much as possible that wherever a discussion about your organisation takes place, it’s a positive one.

It also makes sense to share customer opinion outside the contact centre. Feedback of this kind can improve products and service, and hence increase brand loyalty. According to Peppers & Rogers Group, only one in five companies do this.

Download our white paper, and find out more about social-media customer service.

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