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Wireless Training

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Plantronics wireless headsets can help you to improve productivity, sales and profit for a relatively small investment.

With wireless headsets, you can:

When the team at switched to Plantronics wireless headsets, they immediately reduced missed calls from an average of 4.9 to 2.1 a day, leading to an increase in sales opportunities of between 7.5% and 20%.

When Sage, Ireland, made the switch, they found their increased ability to multitask led to an impressive 13% increase in calls compared to their corded headsets.

Plantronics wireless headsets also have ergonomic benefits:

  • Screen breaks: agents can move away from their monitors while maintaining their customer conversations, giving them a break and also ensuring compliance with display-screen-equipment policies;
  • Increased mobility for older workers: giving people the freedom to stand up and stretch can help keep older joints supple and encourage circulation;
  • Standing up: it’s well known that by standing, people can get more power in their voices. This can help them achieve more authority and confidence in conversations with customers.
  • In short, Plantronics wireless headsets can both increase productivity and improve ergonomics. They’re a win-win solution for your contact centre.

    Trade in your old headsets, and move up to Plantronics wireless headsets

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