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Are you hearing the voice of the customer

Efficiency and effectiveness are pressures organisations face on a daily basis. Countless customers with diverse needs rely on contact centre agents for fast expert advice and solutions. With social media reviews and internal targets on FCR and AHT rising due to increasingly complex calls, being heard clearly is more important than ever.

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From Contact Centre to Customer Centric

Customer service is evolving quickly and more dramatically than ever before. Are you managing to keep up?

  • Every interaction with your customers is now in the public domain due to social media, creating high pressure to get it right first time
  • New workplaces such as home, are improving the working environment and changing recruitment approaches for companies
  • Collaboration technology is bringing people together in the contact centre and across the organisation to improve customer responsiveness

Embrace Change

Delivering exceptional customer service is more important than ever. It’s a key part of your overall business offering, which is why it's becoming more customer-centric:

  • Increasingly at the heart of business strategy
  • Driven by contemporary management thinking
  • Focused on offering more valuable expertise
  • Delivering maximum business advantage.

Workplace Revolution

Your customer experience is defined by your people. And the nature of your workplace shapes their attitude, motivation and sense of community. Now, new technology is creating greater freedom beyond the conventional Contact Centre environment.

Same faces, different places

Two workspaces are emerging as the preferred locations for delivering exceptional customer service:

A productive and collaborative environment, the smarter contact centre offers acoustic spaces for different purposes. Using tools like Leesman, it brings people together and makes them proud to work for your brand.

Working at home can increase employee satisfaction, increase retention and boost productivity. Remote working should no longer be taboo, so send your best people home!

You've got talent

Hang on to the best

Using home working can benefit employee retention. Employees who are able to work from home feel more trusted, and more valued and are therefore more loyal to an organisation.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Home working improves employee satisfaction, reduces stress and work/family conflict. Because happy employees are more productive employees, the benefits for your business are clear.

Send productivity soaring

Employers report increases in productivity when integrating home working into their business. Freedom from distractions, and a quieter environment can increase worker productivity by 10-50%, enhancing your competitive advantage.

Cut the costs

The primary benefit of home working is pure financial savings. By utilising staff working from home, companies can either limit the new space required during periods of expansion, or they can actively reduce the space required at other times. With the annual cost of a desk running at up to £16,000, it is easy to see how the cost savings can add up quickly.

Expand your footprint

If companies are located in areas where they have already employed all the good people, or where there is constant high competition for people (and hence high turnover of staff) they can now start to recruit outside their geographic area. Maintaining growth of the company, but not having to relocate or expand to a new office.

Be unified. Get smarter!

With easier customer requests now dealt with by self-service, the contact centre has to deal with increasingly difficult issues. These can often only be solved by group working – and those groups need Unified Communications to collaborate regardless of location. This presence based technology helps bring people together quickly and effectively.

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Beat the noise

Clear and effective communications are vital to remain in contact when moving around different areas to confer with colleagues or retrieve information.

When in roam

You need lightweight, easy-to-use headsets that allow you to move freely, and access the information you need to resolve a customer query.


Training and coaching are made easier with wireless headsets that connect simply and quickly to a different base to effortlessly join a call.


Plantronics technologies such as the Savi 700 can connect to multiple devices making your purchase future proof.

It's good to talk

Has the telephone had it’s day? Contact centres are increasingly realising the benefits of using a PC based softphone - integration with desktop applications, reduced clutter, and click to call. The increase in PC hardware quality, and software to deal with voice in real time, is now making the softphone a reality for large scale rollouts. As your phone changes, your headset should too – to add in wideband audio quality, and keep the high reliability.

Make yourself heard

Building a rapport with new customers and engaging with them is imperative when resolving their issues. If you want them to take action, purchase services and perform tasks, they have to be able to hear the caller clearly amidst any interfering noise.

Less wires, more money!

Wireless headsets significantly contribute to efficiency improvements and cost savings. Hear what our customers are saying.

Rise to the challenge

The rise in challenging calls and legislation often requires increased communication inside and outside a contact centre between agents, experts and customers. Availability and connectivity are essential, particularly when educating customers and staff and delivering successful resolutions.

Savi 700 Series

Audio evolution

Communication is constantly evolving and the rise of the lightweight headset is an ongoing evolution that started nearly 50 years ago, with the advent of the first headset for NASA’s historic moon mission.

Now, Plantronics ultra-light headsets are designed with ergonomics, real-life interaction and specific user needs in mind. From ear size measurements to sizing alignment, weight and balance – superior comfort is paramount. No two ears are alike and as a technology innovator, Plantronics conducts the industry’s most comprehensive research in an effort to maximise comfort for its entire user base

Advanced, functional design is key to providing high user satisfaction, which leads to increased productivity and reduced posture-related ailments.

A little less conversation

Business tele-interaction is growing and ‘voice presence’ is proving crucial to successful business.

As a result, projecting “brand personality” or “voice signature” through voice-based training should not be underestimated.

In fact, tuning voices with pace, pause, power and pitch can add to your competitive edge.

Research shows that 7% of the importance of a face-to-face conversation is attributed to the message and 38% to tone of voice. With voice-only calls those figures rise to 13% and 87% respectively.

Get your tone right and increase productivity, customer engagement and loyalty.


Top products

    • CS500 Series
    • CS500 Series
    • Wireless Headset System
    • Plantronics' legendary CS family is setting a new wireless standard for desk phone communication with the CS500 Series.
    • Savi 700 Series
    • Savi 700 Series
    • Wireless Headset System
    • Enjoy wireless freedom while seamlessly managing PC, mobile and desk phone calls with a single intelligent headset system
    • EncorePro
    • EncorePro
    • Office Headset
    • You can have it all with the EncorePro advanced features, comfort, crystal-clear voice, audio and style.
    • VistaPlus
    • VistaPlus
    • Plantronics VistaPlus DM15 digital adapter delivers unsurpassed acoustic protection with it's 2nd generation SoundGuard DIGITAL feature, whilst Call Clarity DIGITAL provides exceptional sound quality.
    • SupraPlus
    • SupraPlus
    • Office Headset
    • Office mobility is a must. Get first-class audio quality and comfort from the SupraPlus Wireless headset.