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Flexible Working

Open up a new world of work

Allow information workers to work where & when they are most productive, cost-effective, and environmentally respectful.

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Flexible working in the modern world

The work dynamic is evolving. Workers are increasingly working where and when they are most productive, cost-effective, and environmentally respectful. Businesses are introducing flexible working policies as up to 90% of surveyed employees now spend some time working off site either on the move, in 'smart' work spaces, hubs or at home. Subsequently, employees’ output is being measured based on results and not simply presence at the workplace.

Tools of the trade

Trends have shown employees are more self-motivated when they have the freedom to work any time, anywhere. Managers need to exercise a larger degree of trust and this growing trend of working outside of the office presents new opportunities. However, it also requires certain tools. Flexible workers require straightforward to install, easy-to-use, effective call and networking capabilities. Devices must be intuitive and headsets need to be ergonomically friendly. Furthermore, workers need to know how to utilise the power of their voice in the absence of face-to-face interaction and body language. Plantronics helps make this adoption easy. Our technology and expertise helps businesses stay connected, unify – and clarify – all communications allowing employees to work flexibly and organisations to improve productivity.

Work is changing...

Advances in technology have changed where we work and how we collaborate. Everything is becoming more fluid, productive, competitive and cost-effective for organisations, and more flexible for the people they employ.

IDC's Worldwide Mobile Worker Population Forecast predicts that the mobile working population in western Europe will increase to 129.5 million. Other futurologists predict that by 2020, 80% of the UK, German and French workforce won't be tied in to a daily 9-5 fixed-place routine.

Smart flexibility

Flexible working is liberating. Workers can be more productive, creative and balance their workloads with family and social life.

Meanwhile, their employers can concentrate on what matters: results

By working smarter, organisations can:

  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Cut real estate costs
  • Expand sales footprints

In a survey of enterprise employees, 90% of people said they spend at least some time working off-site – and 44% of people said they spend a quarter or more of their time working in this way.

Together: apart

As more organisations adopt flexible working conditions, face-to-face contact will be complimented and even replaced by a more virtual world.

This means the impact of the spoken word is more crucial than ever before. Voice calls require better quality, and users can learn how to make what they say and how they say it count.

Goodbye desk phone, hello headset?

Gartner has predicted the decline of the desk phone but the voice remains key, and an increasingly important part of the virtual collaboration mix.

As well as mobile devices, people are using computers and other technologies more and more as means of communication and to enable new ways of working. Meetings and face-to-face interactions are being progressively replaced by more efficient desktop video and audio conferences.

In this world of flexible working where people are using interchanging technologies, the headset is the hub that brings everything together.

Get smart

  • Smart technology: our latest headsets maximise calls and deliver clear conversations whatever the location or background noise. Wireless gives freedom to work anywhere
  • Smart headsets: talk and multi-task simultaneously with smartphone and PC apps
  • Smart places: flexible working – any time, any place, anywhere

Smart organisations deliver the tools and environments their workers need to maximise their potential. Implementing the latest, most effective technology plays an important role. As does providing dedicated spaces in the workplace, such as quiet zones, to aid collaboration. This will enable organisations to reap the benefits of increased productivity, improved staff retention and reduced attrition. Workers experience improved motivation, job variety and achieve a better work/life balance. The right tools for the right people for the right job: everybody wins.

Crystal clear

With more people working flexibly, it is important to manage call noise pollution. Plantronics products offer several benefits to ensure your message is crystal clear on conference calls.

Frequency-response technology
In lower quality calls from mobiles and VoIP phones it is easy to lose critical high-frequency signals. Plantronics business headsets compensate by boosting the ‘lost’ high-frequency signals to produce a clearer call unlike consumer headsets that tend to emphasis bass.
SoundGuard Plus
Helps eliminate the danger and discomfort associated with acoustic shock.
Perfected weight balance
Plantronics designers have perfected the weight balance between headset battery and boom making it comfortable for the wearer, especially for extended calls.
Noise-cancelling microphones and Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Helps eliminate background noise and enhance audio clarity.

Headset as a hub

Headsets allow information workers to automatically switch between landline, mobile and PC and internet devices.

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‘Outstanding Employee Engagement Strategy’ award nominee HR Magazine (2013)

‘Hot 100 companies’ Employee Benefits Magazine (2013)

‘Impact on Organisation and Workplace’ BFIM (2012)

CCA ‘Best Place to Work’ Accreditation (2012)

‘Mark of Excellence’ – 21st Century Employer (2009)

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