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Contextual Intelligence defined

Contextual Intelligence has the capacity to boost productivity, enable new ways of working and transform the user experience like never before.

By extending the edge of computing to the human body, headsets teamed with smart apps will recognise a user’s wearing state, proximity to their devices and presence while connecting their call to a customer’s CRM data all at the same time.

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How Contextual Intelligence boosts sales enablement

With the right information in the hands of the right sellers at the right time, enterprises can improve the customer experience and ensure sales teams are ready to close the deal.

The Contextual Intelligence-enabled headset and smart software apps recognize which device a call handler is using and then deliver critical customer records direct to either the smartphone or PC screen as soon as the call is answered.

These headsets also capture and track call information, eliminating steps in the CRM process. The result is more responsive sales enablement, happier customers and a direct growth in revenue.

As the number of enterprises using Contextual Intelligence gather pace, ignore it at your peril.

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The latest smart apps from our latest ISV partners

When sales professionals need information fast they are often left frustrated by traditional CRM systems. Plantronics, in conjunction with ThreeWill® and Datahug, have addressed this problem through Contextual Intelligence:


Imagine receiving a mobile call from a prospective customer, you answer it and a screen pops up on your PC that shows you all the relevant information and history for this contact. You have just experienced Popcorn, a new app for from ThreeWill.

“We are inspired by what Contextual Intelligence has to offer... What gets us so excited about Popcorn and our relationship with Plantronics is that we are going to have a real impact on sales professional’s daily conversations.”

Danny Ryan, co-founder and vice president of Business Development at ThreeWill


Wouldn’t it be great to know who in your company knows a prospective customer? Or, even better, to know how well they know the person and when they last talked or emailed? Enter Datahug – a new application that tracks relationships across an entire company so you can quickly identify the best inroads to reach a prospect.

“Our partnership with Plantronics strengthens our application by enabling us to add data about calls into the communication traffic we use to uncover connections – and calls are a powerful indication of strong relationships.”

Connor Murphy, CEO of Datahug

Beyond UC audio devices

Making the most of your existing technologies is important too. At Plantronics we can help you improve the ROI of Unified Communications (UC) by extending adoption among your users with:

UC Toolkit

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Conference calls at the touch of a button.

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How our partners are making it work:

Sococo provides a virtual office environment for you and your team.

Sococo's app means everyone can see who is available for a call. Your avatar shows your status, you can develop virtual conference rooms with everyone on a call and even break off into smaller groups. With your Plantronics Voyager headset all you have to do is put it on or take it off and your presence is automatically updated.

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Five9 are the leaders in on-demand, hosted call centres.

Their app lets you combine state-of-the-art headset technology with the latest in cloud-based flexibility. Using a Plantronics headset, contact centre agents can connect with experts or colleagues, wherever they happen to be at the time. Ideal if your reps work from home or remote offices.

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PGi is one of the biggest names in virtual meetings.

Their iMeet app offers highly secure video conferences for businesses, with no downloads, hardware or restrictions on devices. Teamed with the Plantronics Voyager headset, iMeet lets people see when you are wearing your headset or if it is muted; it knows when to switch to a private chat; and will intuitively take your conversation online as soon as you are near your computer.

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Nuance Communications, Inc is a leading provider of speech solutions and and value-added reseller Expressware to deliver superior voice recognition and improved usability for business professionals.

VoxEnable™ is a Smart App from Expressware that brings contextual intelligence to Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software using the Smart Sensor technology in Plantronics' intelligent Voyager® PRO UC SmartSet to deliver superior speech recognition.

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