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Productive Conference Calling

Loud and clear

Tackle the challenges of call quality and enhance the voice to ensure your message is communicated with clarity.

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Conference calling just got easier

In the past, it hasn't always been easy communicating via a conference call because of background noise or poor signal. What’s more, juggling tasks such as opening or sharing documents mid-call have led to conference calls being less productive. From wireless headsets to speakerphones, for those on the move, to clearer call quality and comfortable designs, Plantronics products provide tailored solutions that make conference calling easier and more productive than ever.

Smarter calling

We’re all facing new challenges as we move away from fixed working spaces towards a more remote and virtual world. This means we need to be able to communicate anywhere, anytime regardless of a background noise. Whether it’s a coffee-shop, noise at home or any other distraction, the quality of the voice must remain constant and incremental background noise must be controlled if we’re to enjoy the benefits of remote collaboration.

With the right combination of technology, design and speech, Plantronics helps make conference calls more productive and provides workers with the confidence that their message is being heard with the clarity and power it deserves.

Want to enhance your conference calls?

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Be heard, be understood

Despite advancements in audio technology, it's important to utilise your voice when it comes to consistent audio excellence.

Consider our three pillars to successful collaboration: Bricks (the space), Bytes (the technology) and Behaviour (training and use of voice).

Acoustic conditions are constantly changing as you move from managed spaces such as offices to non-managed spaces, for example coffee shops. Advancing technologies for instance noise cancellation enable you to overcome these challenges and maintain a consistent and professional level of performance and clarity.

To further reinforce the quality of your message, you can control your behaviour. The voice is your most powerful tool and conference calls can be made more productive by implementing straightforward tuning measures:

Rules of engagement

It's vital you stick to simple yet effective conference call etiquette to achieve the best results.

Do you put yourself on mute when not speaking or putting your call on hold?

Download our guide to Conference call etiquette and find out what type of conference caller you are.

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Slow down. If you think you’re speaking too slowly, you're at the right pace.


Have a break. A pause in conversation enables you to add emphasis. But don’t, pause, after, every, word – it sounds scripted.


Speak up - increasing voice levels can grab attention and add emphasis – but not too often.


Raising the tone at the end of a sentence will indicate you’re looking for an answer to a question. Lowering the tone adds a level of seriousness to your voice.

Cut the noise

Background noise can make it extremely difficult for the person at the other end of a call to hear key messages. Plantronics headsets prevent this.

Our noise cancelling capabilities can reduce or even remove environmental background noise so you sound clearer. Our technology improves the accuracy, intelligibility and quality of your call. Reduce errors; be more productive and more efficient.

A winning combination

The most productive voices are complimented by the right technology. Plantronics headsets combine technology (such as advanced noise cancelling) and practical design across multiple devices to give users greater intuitive control over joining, leaving and muting conference calls, as well as the ability to minimise or eliminate disruption. Furthermore, our hands-free capabilities enable users to multi-task (note taking, for example), boosting productivity.

With more than 50 years audio experience, Plantronics continues to be audio pioneers and our strength lies in empowering organisations with the ability to make productive conference calls.

Our headsets and unified communication products can be tailored for specific needs and are available on a global or local level thanks to a trusted network of IT and telephony partners, distributors, OEMs and serious providers.

Arm yourself with the best tools and explore our headset range.

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Experience the difference

  • In lower quality calls from mobiles, it is easy to lose critical high-frequency signals. The latest Plantronics headsets boost lost signals to produce a clearer voice call.
  • Experience the difference with headsets boasting noise-cancelling technology that cuts up to 80% of any background noise and enhance the quality of calls regardless of location.
  • A comfortable headset can make all the difference. Plantronics engineers have perfected the weight balance between headset battery and boom to help facilitate long-term wearing and wellbeing.
  • Instant Meeting allows you to join audio conference calls on the move and at the touch of a button
  • Acoustic shock can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Plantronics’ SoundGuard Plus technology instantly reduces sudden and unexpected noises to prevent long-term hearing damage.
  • Convenient multipoint headsets can switch seamlessly and automatically between landline, mobile, tablet and PC/internet devices.

Steve's Guide to Conference Calling

Steve's Video Guide

Smarter Conference Calling

View the presentation

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