Plantronics Enterprise Manager (PEM): How to Customize and Lock Headset Settings

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Plantronics Enterprise Manager (PEM) enables you to customize the headset options/features for all of your users at once. NOTE: These are the features that are available through the Plantronics Control Panel module of Spokes. PEM displays a tab for each Plantronics product that is supported by Spokes:
  • D100 (Savi W430/Savi W440)
  • Savi Office (Savi WOxxx)
  • Savi W700 Series (W710, W720, W730, and W740)
  • Voyager Pro UC
  • Blackwire C700 Series (C710, C710-M, C720, C720-M)
PEM allows you to choose whether to password to protect individual settings, to ensure that all users have a consistent setup.


To Customize and Lock Headset Settings:
  1. Open Plantronics Enterprise Manager by clicking Start > All Programs > Plantronics > Plantronics Enterprise Manager.
  2. Click the tab of the product you wish to customize.
  3. Choose the desired option for each setting.
  4. To lock a setting, click the lock icon to the right of the setting. NOTE: You do not have the option to lock any Voyager Pro UC settings.
  5. If you chose to lock any settings, type a Password in the box provided.
  6. When complete, click the Save As button.
  7. Enter a name for your XML file, and then click Save.
To implement these changes, you must copy/push the saved XML file to the following folder on each user's PC:
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Plantronics\PlantronicsURE
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7: C:\ProgramFiles\Plantronics\PlantronicsURE

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