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Wireless Systems: Adjustments and Settings

Article ID : 000001187

Wireless Systems: Adustments and Settings


The wireless units have both transmit (how you are heard) and Receive (how you hear) controls. The Master Transmit controls are the ABCD switch settings on the bottom of the base. A is the lowest and D is the highest setting. You can fine tune this setting with the Plus (+) and minus (-) buttons on the back of the base that are above and below the picture of the microphone. The Master Receive setting is on the back of the base (below the picture of the microphone) there is a 1234 switch 1 being the highest setting and 4 being the lowest setting. You can fine tune this setting by using the volume control on the headset itself. This is the + and - buttons on the headset itself above the microphone. There is also a mute switch below the microphone. There are also configuration settings on the left hand side of the base. This is a dark gray dial with a 1234 on it. There are notches to the right of this dial. Whatever number is lined up with the notches it what setting you are on. This needs to be set to the clearest setting. There is a silver button on the headset itself which is your “Talk button”. This is what you press to use the headset and or transfer the call from the headset back to the hand receiver. There is also a switch on the right hand side of the base which is your the IntelliStand feature. When the Supra Plus Wireless is used in conjunction with the HL10 handset lifer you can enable the IntelliStand feature. The IntelliStand feature senses when the headset has been removed or placed into the Supra Plus Wireless base unit which automatically activates the Handset Lifter and enabling headset/handset mode to answer or end the call. There is a switch towards the bottom on the right side of the base unit that will switch the IntelliStand feature On and Off. This FAQ reflects the folowing models:
  • CS351(N)
  • CS361(N)
  • CS70(N)
  • 510S
  • 500A
  • CS55
  • CS50
  • CS60

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