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Voyager 510-USB/.Audio 910: Controlling the Audio Link

Article ID : 000001185

How do I control the audio link between the USB adapter and the 510-USB or .Audio 910 headset?


Voyager can be used with any softphone without installing PerSonoCall®. However, without PerSonoCall®…
  • You must manually enable audio to the headset when you want to use it.
  • You cannot answer and end calls by pressing the headset's button - You must use the on-screen controls of your softphone
Enabling audio without PerSonoCall® is simple: The radio link is controlled by pressing the button on the boom of the Voyager headset. When audio is not connected, the USB adapter will show a steady blue LED. By pressing the button on the Voyager headset, you can switch on the radio link and the adapter LED will start to flash blue. You can now talk over the wireless audio link. To close the link, press the button again and the adapter LED will go back to steady blue. By turning the radio link off when you don't need it, the Voyager headset saves power and will run for a long time between charges.

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