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APP-5/APP-50/APP-51 (Polycom EHS Cable): How to Install

This procedure explains how to install the APP-5/APP-50/APP-51 EHS cable, which is compatible with the following Polycom phone models:

  • SoundPoint IP 320/321
  • SoundPoint IP 330/331
  • SoundPoint IP 430
  • SoundPoint IP 550
  • SoundPoint IP 560
  • SoundPoint IP 650
  • SoundPoint IP 670
  • VVX 1500


Software Requirements

All of the phone models must run SIP application 3.1 or higher and BootROM 4.1.0 or later, except for the SoundPoint IP 670, which must SIP application 3.0.2 or higher and BootROM 4.1.0 or later.

Phone Settings

Set the headset mode on your phone to "Plantronics Mode" before connecting your Plantronics headset system to your phone. To do so,

  1. Press Menu.
  2. Select Settings > Basic > Preferences > Headset > Analog Headset.
  3. Select Plantronics Mode, and then press Select.

Additional Adapter Required

The following phone models require an adapter (Part Number 2200-11095-002; available from Polycom) for the 2.5mm headset port:

  • SoundPoint IP 320/321
  • SoundPoint IP 330/331

Click here for adapter installation information.

To Install the EHS Cable

  1. On your base, set your compatibility switch and speaking and listening volumes to the following:
    SettingCS50/CS55/CS70/CS70N/ CS351N/CS361N
    Cable APP-5
    CS500 Series
    Cable APP-50 or APP-51
    Savi Office/700 Series
    Cable APP-50 or APP-51
    Speaking VolumeA22
    Listening Volume233
     Image of SettingsImage of SettingsImage of Settings
  2. Connect your EHS cable to your phone as follows: