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.Audio 920: How to Install

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How do I install the .Audio 920?


NOTE: You will need to follow this procedure every time Windows installs device drives for the Voyager USB adapter. It will install device drivers every time you plug the USB adapter into a USB port you have not used before. Windows sees the Bluetooth USB adapter as another sound device much like your computer's built-in soundcard. You may have several more sound devices installed on your PC, such as a Webcam microphone, additional sound cards or USB stereo devices. After inserting the Plantronics USB adapter, wait for Windows to finish installing the device drivers. At this point it will be worth while making sure that Windows has changed to use the Plantronics BT Adapter as its default audio device. How to perform a sound recording test Voyager 510-USB/.Audio 910/.Audio 920/BUA-100 Pairing Instructions  If your softphone is compatible with PersonoCall, this will mean that when your phone rings, it will send a call indication signal to your headset. The ear piece will ring when the phone does, and you can simply click the call answer button on the headset to take and end the call. If your softphone is not compatible with PersonoCall or you do not have PersonoCall running you will need to have the headset connected to the Bluetooth adapter, and answer the softphone on the computer itself. When this is the case please check the state of the Bluetooth dongle before answering the call. Solid Blue = Standby mode; the headset is reserving battery Flashing Blue = Active / Talk mode; the headset is ready to be used. If you only use your headset with your computer, you can toggle between these two states by clicking the call answer button on the headset. If you do also use your headset with your mobile phone, if PersonoCall is not installed and you click the call answer button on the headset, your unit will connect to the last device it was actively communicating with and this could well be your mobile phone. To ensure the headset connects to the Bluetooth adapter, you can click the small button on the dongle itself. Persono Family Download Page PerSonoCall Software Installation Instructions .Audio 920: User Guide .Audio 920 Product Information Plantronics Computer Headsets

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