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Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC) Headsets: How to Make a Test Call

Article ID : 000001244

How do I make a test call on Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC) with my Plantronics headset?


Please note the headset must be plugged into your computer first. Ensure Microsoft Office Communicator is running on your PC.
  • Set the headset and microphone volume to a comfortable level using the Microsoft Office Communicator "Set up Audio and Video" page. Consult Microsoft Office Communicator Help for more information in this respect.
  • Place a test call using Microsoft Office Communicator; dial the desired number (ideally for a colleague) use MOC itself. Adjust the 'receive' and 'listen' volume to comfortable levels using the volume control in the "Conversation Window". Consult Microsoft Office Communicator Help for more information in this respect.
Some MOC headsets do also have in-line volume controls. You can fine tune the listening volume on the headset by using these, and in the case of the Savi™ Go headset you can use the call control button to adjust the volume levels as below: Image NOTE: Do not press the call control button in when adjusting the volume otherwise the call can be ended accidentally.
  • To end the test call, either end the call in the MOC conversation window, press the call control button on the in-line controls (if applicable), or press the call control button on the headset in the case of Savi™ Go products.
NOTE: For your safety, do not use headset at high volumes for extended periods of time. Doing so can cause hearing loss. Always listen at moderate levels. For more information on headsets and hearing visit: Link to: Unified Communication Headsets

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