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Discovery 925: How to Use

Article ID : 000001016

Discovery 925: Answering, Rejecting and Redial


How do I Answer or Reject a call? When your ear piece rings, tap the power button once, you should hear 1 low tone.   To reject a call and send the caller to voice mail, press the call control button for 2 seconds. (NOTE: your phone may ring before your ear piece rings. Wait until you hear the ring in your ear piece to press the call control button and answer the call. Can I redial the last number?   Yes, tap the call control button twice. You will hear two low tones.  How do I answer a call while talking on the other phone? To answer the second call, the first call must be terminated. There is no function for placing one call on hold while answering another call from the ear piece. Press the call control button once to hang up the existing call. Press the call control button again to answer the new call from the other phone. NOTE: If you choose not to answer the second call, and you have voicemail on the second phone, the call will go to voicemail.

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