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DA60: Supervisor status checking agent’s individual settings

In Supervisor status using the DA60, How do I check my agent’s individual settings?


1. On the supervisor main screen, click on “my agents” tab.

2. Pull down the menu for “group”. Listed will be your group or groups already established on the local area network.

3. Click on the group you wish to view in detail. Each agent in that group will be listed in the first column of the box below.

4. Click on an agent name in the Agent ID box.

The details of that specific agent will be displayed in the box immediately to the right on the supervisor main screen. In that box, features will be listed, and to the right, the person in control of the feature will be indicated. If a feature is controlled by the agent, it is listed as “agent”; if the supervisor has overridden the agent’s control, it is listed as “system default”, “supervisor”, or “not allowed”. Additionally, the headset model and the screen lock delay on disconnect will be specified.