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SupraPlus Wireless CS351/CS361: How to Install

How do I install the Supra Plus wireless system?


Click here to view our interactive installation guide.


1. Locate the 2 ports on the bottom of the SupraPlus Wireless charging base. One has an icon of a hand receiver, and one has an icon of a full telephone.


2. Unplug the hand receiver from the base of your existing telephone, and plug it into the hand receiver jack on the Supra Plus Wireless base unit.


3. Take the short cable that came with the Supra Plus Wireless, and plug it into the telephone jack on the Supra Plus Wireless base.  Plug the other end of this cord into the hand receiver port on your existing telephone (NOT the headset port of your telephone).

4. Make sure that the AC Power is plugged into the wall, and then adjust the configuration dial (on the left side of the charging base) to the clearest setting.