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BackBeat 216: How to Use

How to Use the BackBeat 216


To:Do this:
Answer a callTap the center button once
End a callTap the center button once
Reject a callTap the center button for two seconds
Hold current call and answer incoming callPress center button once. Press again to switch back.
End current call and answer incoming callPress center button for two seconds
Play musicPress center button once
Pause musicPress center button once during music playback
Next songQuickly double-press center button during music playback
Previous songQuickly triple-press center button during music playback
Fast forward a songQuickly double-press and hold center button during music playback
Rewind a songQuickly triple-press and hold center button during music playback
Play videoPress center button once
Pause videoPress center button once during video playback
Increase volumePress + button
Decrease volumePress - button


Voice Over

You can use VoiceOver on some iPod and iPhone models to announce the currently playing song title, artist name, and playlist. To use VoiceOver, hold down the center button until you hear a tone, then say the voice command of your choice. Check your device's user guide for the supported commands.

Tips for:

Ensure that the headphone marked "R" corresponds with the right ear and the headphone with the "L" with the left ear.Always remove the headphones or connector by grabbing the headset body; do not pull on the cableThis product may not support all features and functionality built into the connected device.