CS500XD Series Spares and Accessories

Article ID : 000013806
The following spares and accessories are available for purchase. Please click here to request purchasing assistance.
  • Spare battery, CS540-XD
  • WH300-XD (spare headset)
  • WH350-XD (spare headset)
  • WH500-XD (spare headset)
  • APA-23 (Alcatel EHS Cable)
  • APC 41 (Cisco EHS Cable)
  • APP-51 (Polycom EHS Cable)
  • APS-11 (Siemens EHS Cable)
  • APT-31 (Tenovis EHS Cable)
  • APU-71 (Cisco/Nortel EHS Cable)
  • APV-63 (Avaya EHS Cable)
  • APV-66 (Avaya EHS Cable)
  • APN-91 (NEC EHS Cable)
  • HL10 Lifter, Straight Plug
  • Savi OLI, Online Indicator
  • RD-1 (ShoreTel/Toshiba)
  • Savi Charge Base (5 Unit)
  • Spare Battery Charging Cable (CS540-XD)
  • Foam ear cushions (CS510/CS520)
  • Headband (Behind the Head)

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