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MDA200: Indicator Lights

Indicator Light Status Indication
User-added image Solid green Connected to PC audio (this is on by default)
User-added image Flashing green Incoming PC call
User-added image Flashing yellow PC audio on hold
User-added image Flashing green Incoming desk phone call
User-added image Solid green Desk phone audio connected
User-added image Flashing yellow Phone audio on hold
User-added image

User-added image
Both icons flashing green for 2 seconds MDA200 is booting up - once complete both LEDs will be off if no headset is connected.

If a headset is connected the PC icon will remain solid green.
User-added image Solid red Firmware update in progress - follow firmware update instructions to clear once complete.
User-added image Solid red Over current condition - using HL10 without power supply. Unplug MDA200, add power adapter, re-plug MDA200 to PC.
User-added image Flashing red Headset fault - replace headset and power cycle the MDA200.

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