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.Audio™ 365 Closed-Ear Gaming Headset Specifications PC enthusiasts will revel in the sounds of gaming, music, and chat/telephony experienced in rich, resonating full-range stereo. The Plantronics .Audio 365 Ultimate Performance 'Closed Ear' headset boasts maximum bass and a lightweight, adjustable headband that delivers hours of sound intensity in form-fitting comfort. The 'closed ear' design promotes player interaction during games, fuelling the excitement and competitiveness of team gaming sessions. Compatible with most PC sound cards, this outstanding multi-purpose headset is also ideal for music enjoyment and voice applications. A noise-cancelling microphone features the QuickAdjust precision boom for accurate positioning and superior speech recognition. Highlights
  • Full-range stereo intensifies the gaming experience
  • 50mm speakers dish up maximum bass response
  • Closed ear design - no distractions, no background noise, total immersion
  • Inline controls keeps you at the heart of the action - quickly
  • Noise-cancelling microphone for improved speech recognition & greater accuracy
  • Adjustable boom assures ideal placement
  • Microphone boom stows discreetly out of the way when listening to music and watching DVDs
  • Two-year warranty
General Information
  • Part Number: 37857-01
  • Category: Computer
  • Status: The .Audio 365 has been discontinued, the replacement is the Gamecom 367
  • Analog Headsets: Compatibility
  • Date Code: Does not carry a date code. Receipt required for replacement.
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