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MX200 Product Information


MX200 Series Features

For most phones with standard 2.5mm headset jack Such as Audiovox, Blackberry, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sanyo, Treo Compact, discreet and lightweight Be heard clearly with WindSmart® microphone, unparalleled comfort with unique Flex Grip® design easy to use with quick, one-handed placement Maximum stability and secure fit for your busy life excellent volume for easy listening


Category: Mobile/Cellular Phones
Warranty: 2 years

Part Numbers & Variants

MX200 Standard 2.5mm  37700-01
MX200-E2   37702-01
MX200-N1   37703-01
MX200-N3   37704-01
MX200-SM2 37707-01

MX200S (Stereo)
MX200S-E2  37721-01
MX200S-N3  37722-01

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