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Information: Windows Vista Compatibility Statement

Microsoft's launch of the Windows Vista operating system earlier this year was met with much anticipation and fanfare, but like most major new operating system launches Windows Vista has proven to have its share of problems for which Plantronics products are not immune.

The majority of Plantronics products are not impacted by the Windows Vista release, and for those that are, problems have been relatively minor. Below is a summary of Windows Vista issues and resolutions to date.


  • Muted Microphone
  • Bluetooth adapter / BUA-100 incompatible
  • Missing Bluetooth Drivers
  • Phantom Driver / Driver required
  • Mute Sync - Headset mutes from the inline control but Windows does not show the change
  • PerSono Audio Control Centre incompatible

Issue: "Muted Microphone"

The microphone is muted in Vista the first time the headset is plugged in. People at the far-end will not be able to hear you until the microphone is un-muted in the Vista control panel.

Products Affected

Any USB / DSP product, not limited to Plantronics.


  • Un-muting the microphone is only required once (when connecting the headset to the same port subsequently) as Vista stores the mute indices going forward. The one-time workaround is as follows:
  • Click on the "Start" button, lower left of the screen
  • Click on "Control Panel" (this may be located under settings)
  • Select the "Sounds" icon
  • Select the "Recording" tab
  • Highlight the microphone for the Plantronics / C-Media USB device in use
  • Click the Properties button
  • Select the Levels tab
  • Click on the mute icon to un-mute the microphone - this is the speaker icon with a red highlight to the right of the volume slider. Once clicked this icon will have a blue highlight indicating it is no longer muted.
  • Close all windows

Issue: "Bluetooth adapter / BUA-100 incompatible"

When plugging the USB adapter into your computer it will report that either the hardware has malfunctioned or it is not recognizable. It is possible that Windows Vista will tell you the product is not compatible.

Products Affected

  • Voyager 510-USB
  • .Audio 910


Check the end of the Bluetooth adapter to the right of the product label for the adapter version number. Version 1P15 is not compatible with Vista, while version 1P23 is compatible.


The above is to confirm whether or not the issue you are seeing is indeed a lack of compatibility. You should only see this problem if you have purchased your product prior to the release of Windows Vista. The only available resolution is to purchase the latest release of the USB adapter as per the details below:

BUA-100 / USB Bluetooth Adapter ~ 38395-01

Link to: Where to buy

Issue: "Missing Bluetooth Drivers"

When trying to install or use a Bluetooth headset with the built in / native Bluetooth hardware / software, Windows will ask you to install drivers for the device in question.

In fact the required drivers are for the native / built in hardware, not the headset.

Products Affected

Any Bluetooth headset, not limited to Plantronics.


Option 1: Consider using a Vista compatible Plantronics .Audio 910 or Voyager USB Bluetooth headset that includes its own Bluetooth adapter and does not depend on Vista's Bluetooth software. Should you already have a Bluetooth headset, please look at purchasing the BUA-100 / USB Bluetooth adapter as a separate item.

BUA-100 Bluetooth Universal Adapter (USB) Stick is Part Number 38395-01 (Link to: Where to buy)

Option 2: To configure your computer's built-in Bluetooth hardware to properly support Bluetooth Audio devices you can contact the manufacturer of your computer to help you identify the specific Bluetooth hardware used in your computer, and to determine if software/driver updates are available to enable the use of your existing hardware with a Bluetooth Audio device. Specifically, headsets utilize the Headset (HSP) or Handsfree (HFP) Bluetooth profiles.

Issue: "Phantom Driver / Driver required"

"New Hardware Found" wizard opens requesting a driver for when a USB / DSP connection headset is plugged into the computer

Products Affected

Any USB / DSP connection headset that utilizes the Microsoft USB Audio Device driver; not limited to Plantronics


For all current Plantronics USB / DSP headsets, they use the Microsoft USB Audio Device driver to prevent the need for additional installation CD's. If when plugging your headset into the computer you see this problem, the driver required is missing from your operating system.

The driver itself will be on your Windows Vista installation CD should you see this and it is a common problem among computers where Windows is already installed before the computer is purchased. Should you have troubles locating the driver you will need to contact Microsoft for further advice.


Issue: "Mute Sync"

The mute function of the headset itself does function but Windows itself does not show the headset as muted even when it is.

Products Affected

PersonoCall products:

  • .Audio 910
  • .Audio 920
  • CS60-USB
  • DA45
  • Voyager 510-USB


This issue is only present with versions of PersonoCall earlier than 2.11.5. If you have a version which is earlier than 2.11.5, please download the latest release via the link below:

NEW ENTRY - Link to: PersonoCall Compatibility

Link to: Persono Family Download Page

Link to: PerSonoCall Software Installation Instructions

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