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PerSonoCall: How to Customize Options

After installing the software, an icon will appear at the bottom of your computer screen showing the status of headset communication. Right click on the icon and choose "Options". This will bring up the PerSonoCall Basic Options and Current Status Screens.

Basic Options Screen

Some PerSonoCall features are grayed and not applicable to the consumer edition as they are not relevant for use with Skype or our corded range of PerSonoCall compatible headsets / adapters.

Launch PerSonoCall Whenever Windows® Starts
Check this box to automatically launch the PerSonoCall application whenever you start your computer. This is recommended as it means you will automatically have remote ring detection and remote call answering possibilities (for wireless headsets) without having to manually start the program.

Lock Headset Radio Link On
Check this box to prevent PerSonoCall from turning off the radio link when no calls are present with wireless headsets. See "Answering/ending/making calls with PerSonoCall on softphone" in the user manual for your headset to learn more.

NOTE: Be aware that locking the headset radio link on will dramatically reduce headset standby and talk time on compatible wireless units. The only disadvantage to disabling this feature is that you will not be able to hear sounds from your computer when the headset is not on a call - this does not affect most headset users.

Allow Call Control Button to Toggle the Headset's Radio Link
Check this box to turn the radio link to the headset on and off to support multi point functionality for our Bluetooth computer headsets. Please see the user manual of your headset for more specific details.

Show Warning if the Headset's Radio Link is Left on for a Long Time
Check this box to be given a reminder if your headset radio link is left on for more than 30 minutes. Leaving the headset radio link on for long periods of time will dramatically reduce headset standby and talk time as already mentioned above.

Current Status Screen

Headset Status Box
Provides information you may need for technical assistance. The Headset Indicators listed will be checked if active.

Softphone Status Box
Lists the selectable outgoing lines as well as the number of calls active, ringing, on hold and completed.

NOTE: In some cases compatible softphones may not show the available outgoing line in the Softphone Status box. This will not affect how the softphone operates with PerSonoCall.

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