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Avaya Branded Headsets: Product Information

Article ID : 000005825
AVAYA Branded Headsets and their Plantronics Equivalent Image Wireless Systems AVAYA Branded - Plantronics Equivalent:
  • AWH-65+ (EU/UK) - CS60 and EHS Adapter (EU/UK)
  • AWH65 USB (EU/UK) - CS60 USB (EU/UK)
  • ABT-35+ (EU/UK) - Voyager 510 System (EU/UK) and EHS Adapter
  • ABT35-USB (EU/UK) - Audio 910 (EU/UK)
  • AWH-75N (EU/UK) - CS70N (EU/UK) and EHS Adapter
  • AWH450N (EU/UK) - SupraPlus Wireless (Monaural-EU/UK) and EHS Adapter
  • AWH460N (EU/UK) - SupraPlus Wireless (Binaural-EU/UK) and EHS Adapter
Wired Headset
  • Mirage VT (Monaural) - Mirage (Mon./Voicetube)
  • Supra VT (Monaural) - Supra (Mon./Voicetube)
  • Supra NT (Monaural) - Supra (Mon./NoiseCancelling)
  • Supra VT (Binaural) - Supra (Bin./Voicetube)
  • Supra NC (Binaural) - Supra (Bin. /NoiseC.)
  • TriStar VT (Monaural) - TriStar (Mon./Voicetube)
  • TriStar NC (Monaural) - TriStar (Mon. / (NoiseC.)
  • Encore VT (Monaural) - Encore (Mon./Voicetube)
  • Encore NC (Monaural) - Encore (Mon. /NoiseC.)
  • Encore VT (Binaural) - Encore (Bin./Voicetube)
  • Encore NC (Binaural) - Encore (Bin. /NoiseC.)
  • DuoSet VT (Starter Special) - DuoSet (Mon./Voicetube)
  • DuoSet NC (Starter Special) - DuoSet (Mon. /NoiseC.)
  • AVAYA Pro Special VT - DuoPro (Mon./Voicetube)
  • AVAYA Pro Special NC - DuoPro (Mon. /NoiseC.)
  • AH450 - SupraPlus (Mon./Voicetube)
  • AH450N - SupraPlus (Mon. /NoiseC.)
  • AH460 - SupraPlus (Bin./Voicetube)
  • AH460N - SupraPlus (Bin. /NoiseC.)
  • AW450N - SupraPlus Wideband (Mon. /NoiseC.)
  • AW460N - SupraPlus Wideband (Bin. /NoiseC.)
Adapters and Cables
  • M12LUCM Base Unit - M12 Vista (Amplifier)
  • Base Unit P-10H - P-10H (Amplifier)
  • A10-01/AVAYA - A10-01-S1 (Amplifier)
  • HIP-1 cable - HIP-1 cable
  • HIS cable - HIS cable (for use with AVAYA 96xx phones)
  • HIC-1 cable - HIC-1 cable
General Information
  • The main difference between the AVAYA branded Wireless Headsets and the Plantronics branded Wireless Headsets is that the EHS Adapter is build in on the AVAYA branded Headsets. The Plantronics branded Wireless Headsets need the APT-3 Adapter to enable the EHS function on AVAYA phones.
  • There is no technical difference between the AVAYA and Plantronics branded Wired Headsets.
  • Warranty Information: The AVAYA branded Headsets have 2 years warranty
  • Category: Contact Centre Solutions
  • Spares and accessories for corded headsets
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