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.Audio 995: Indicator Lights and Pairing



 Power On /Off

On: Steady blue glow
Off: Steady red glow then off

 Out of Range Flashing blue
 Charging Solid red until charging is complete
 Connected to Adapter Solid blue glow
 Standby/Battery Save Mode (Sleep)/Out of Range Intermittent breathing or pulsing blue glow
 *Pairing Headset and adapter will rapidly flash blue when in pairing mode


*How to Manually Pair Your Headset and Adapter


Your headset and adapter are factory pre-paired, and should automatically connect with each other. Should your headset and adapter become unpaired, you can initiate pairing manually:


1 Press and hold the Power and Connect buttons on the headset and adapter for 4 seconds.


The status lights on the headset and adapter will rapidly flash blue.


2 The headset and adapter will automatically attempt to pair.


If the pairing is successful the status lights will glow solid blue; if unsuccessful, both headset and adapter will stay in pairing mode.


If manual pairing was unsuccessful, and you want to re-attempt the pairing process, you must first take your headset and adapter out of pairing mode.


3 Turn headset off.


4 Single press the Connect/Pair button on the adapter, then repeat steps 1 and 2.


NOTE: If your headset and adapter are separated and lose their connection after being successfully paired, they will automatically reconnect when they come back into range of each other. If they remain out of range for more than 30 seconds, the headset will go into sleep mode, but will reconnect automatically with the adapter once it is back in range. If the headset is out of range for more than 15 minutes, it automatically shuts off.

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