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.Audio 1100M Product Information

.Audio 1100M


  • Keypad interface
  • 10-key dial pad
  • Standard phone features
  • Integrated call controls
  • Optimized for Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007 and Lync 
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Minimizes background noise
  • Call clarity
  • Wideband audio
  • Plug-and-play USB connection
  • Convenient cradle clip

connecting USB Phone to PC

Connect the 1100M USB cable into any open USB port on your computer.
Windows will automatically detect a new device and no additional drivers are necessary.


Using Your .Audio 1100M Handset


Using the Monitor Clip

Using the fastening material provided, attach the monitor clip to your computer monitor as shown below.
Placed the handset into the clip.



Dialing Error
In the event of a misdial when dialing from the handset, clear the memory by pressing the green Call/Answer Button followed by the red Call End Button. You can then start to dial again.
Resetting the 1100M

In the event it becomes necessary to reset the 1100M, complete the following:
1 Close Microsoft Office Communicator or Lync.
2 Disconnect the 1100M USB cable from the USB port on your computer.
3 Reinsert the USB cable into the USB port on your computer
4 Restart Microsoft Office Communicator on Lync


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