CA12CD Product Information

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The CA12CD is a cordless PTT (push-to-talk) headset adapter designed to provide encrypted communications and PTT functionality for applications such as Public Safety Dispatch and Air Traffic Control. It works with all  H series headsets, and utilizes digital processing (DECT™) while operating in the UPCS radio band (1.92-1.93 GHz).

Product Features:

  • Digital (DECT™) technology operating in the 1.9GHz radio band provides superior voice clarity and security.
  • Operates in the UPCS band (1.92 - 1.93 GHz) in North America
  • Industry standard ergonomic design of PTT unit.
  • Robust PTT switch with selectable locking/non-Locking operational modes.
  • Range - is up to 150ft depending on the environment.
  • Two charging wells; one for the remote unit while the other facilitates charging the extra battery pack (supplied with unit).
  • Lithium-Ion battery packs provide longer talk time (approximately 8 hours) and faster recharge rates.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Part Number 92500-01
  • 6 Week lead time
See attached Datasheet for more detailed information. Click Herefor information on how to purchase Spares and Accessories
  • 90224-01 - PTT “pistol”  Remote Unit (w/o Battery Pack)
  • 80332-01 - Battery (used to be 90225-01)
  • 64401-01 - AC Adapter
  • 68331-01 - Cord  Console Interface Cable 
It is recommended by Plantronics to have the bases at least 8-10 ft apart from each other for best density usage.
For compatibility information click here. Also avaibale in Europe

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