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Savi WH110/WH210/WH300/WH350: Spare Headsets

Plantronics is pleased to announce the new range of Savi WH110, WH210, WH300 and WH350 spare and additional DECT™ wireless headsets s for the Savi Office, Savi W430 and Savi D100/A family of headset systems.

The new headsets support wideband PC telephony and add Anti-startle protection to the convertible and over the ear wearing styles. The over the head wearing style (WH300, WH350) is also EU Noise at Work compliant.

Charging cradle, ear buds and headset accessories are provided in the box.

Power supplies and charging bases are supplied with the Savi Office, Savi W430 and Savi D100/A systems.



WH110/A,SAVI,CONV TOP,DECT    Part Number: 82904-02


   WH210/A,SAVI,OTE TOP,DECT    Part Number: 82905-02


   WH300/A,SAVI,OTH,DECT    Part Number: 83323-02



   WH350/A,SAVI,OTH,DECT    Part Number: 83322-02

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