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iPhone Headset Battery Meter

About the Headset Battery Meter

The iPhone battery meter enables you to view the battery level of your headset on your iPhone's or iPad's screen. The icon appears automatically once you have paired and connected to one of the headsets providing the feature.

NOTE: The headset battery meter is only supported on the iPad 2.


This icon is located to the left of the iPhone's battery icon:


Supported Headsets

The following Bluetooth headsets provide this feature:

  • BackBeat 903+
  • BackBeat GO
  • BackBeat GO 2
  • M20
  • M50
  • M100
  • M155
  • M1100
  • Voyager Legend
  • Voyager Legend UC
  • Voyager Pro+
  • Voyager Pro HD
  • Voyager Pro UC (B230/B230-M)

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